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What can I fix with Simple Welding Rods?

What are the technical characteristics of Simple Welding Rods?

What are the dimensions of Simple Welding Rods?

What is the melting temperature of Simple Welding Rods?

How many rods are in a pack?

How much do Simple Welding Rods weight?

How could a rod that is easy to break by hand create that strong joint?

Will Simple Welding Rods work with any metal?

Is this process welding, brazing or soldering?

What are Simple Welding Rods made of?

What kind of torch do I need?

Do Simple Welding Rods contain Lead, Cadmium or Tin?

Are Simple Welding Rods classed hazardous?

Are Simple Welding Rods good for food grade applications?

What does make Simple Welding Rods unique?

How much does the shipping cost to my country?

What Dollar currency are the prices displayed in?

Can I pay in different currency?

How much will it cost in my domestic currency?

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