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Now you can repair aluminum and zinc based parts without a welding machine!

  • You need is a handheld propane tourch 

  • Produces a sound joint that is stronger than the parent metal.

  • No fluxes are required.

  • There are no fumes.

  • Low 732°F. working temperature.

  • Joins thin or thick parts.

  • Works with all non-magnetic metals.
Simple Welding Rods

3 PACKS  ( 30 RODS)

Usually enough for (most) projects and to keep some on hand


SAVE 42%

Simple Welding Rods

1 PACK (10 RODS)

Great as a test or to keep handy for future projects

$ 29.90

SAVE 33%

Simple Welding instructions

Step 1: Brush the part you’re about to weld/braze with stainless steel brush or sandpaper to remove the oxidation layer.

Step 2: Use a heat source, to heat the base metal to at least 728°F (387°C).

Step 3: When how enough, move the flame aside (but keep it on the part to maintain temperature), and apply the rod – the rod should melt on contact with the hot metal part.

See what people are saying!


Happy Customer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Used these to fill in the turbo muffler on my Honda. I had tried similar rods from other companies before and none of them worked. All the previous rods from other companies were hard to melt and the joins were soft! Was my first time trying these rods and once I got the aluminum up to temp these melted easily and filled in the hole perfectly! Once cooled it was harder than the original aluminum. Worked perfectly! Exactly as described. I Highly recommend Simple Welding Rods to anybody looking for an easy way to weld. I will definitely be buying more of these!

Victor  - USA


Happy Customer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Flows really easy. Learn to fill holes and gaps in about 3 rods time

David  - USA

Safe For the Environment

Melts at Low Temperature

Loved By Our Customers: 15,000+ Five-Star Reviews

Works Like Magic Creating Strong Bonds

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Shipped from USA

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